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Eco fashion trends for 2010.

Eco-Friendly Fashion Trends 2010

Author: Lisa Seth
Eco-friendly fashion is a hot trend. And you don’t have to sacrifice style or pay an arm and a leg to get eco-friendly trendy clothes. In this article we will talk about what is eco-friendly fashion, some eco-friendly fashion trends and designers that are offering stylish and affordable eco-friendly fashion clothing.

Different people define eco-friendly fashion differently but some of the key elements to eco-friendly fashion are materials and processes used by designers and manufacturers that are friendly to you and the earth. This may include materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, flax and hemp, among others that are biodegradable. Or use of processes that are organically safe and eco-friendly. For example, organic cotton production processes do not use pesticides that can harm your health or the planet’s health. Eco-friendly fashion trends also include packaging that is eco-friendly.

The benefits of eco-friendly fashion are not only long term value to the environment but it could have short-term health value to the user. Conventional clothing dyes and garment finishes can cause a wide variety of health problems from skin rashes, headaches, nausea and fatigue. Symptoms could include red cheeks and ears, dark circles under the eye and learning or behavior problems.

What’s hot in eco-friendly fashion? Use of eco-friendly silk, organic cotton and bamboo is hot. Although what gets branded as organic and ethical for silk depends on the type of silkworm used, and whether the silk-worm is killed as a by-product of the harvesting. Increasingly eco-friendly fashion designers are using natural color cottons, wools and other material to create outfits or vegetable dyes that are safer to make and use. Bamboo organic fabric is becoming quite trendy. Clothing made of bamboo organic fibers are robust and durable as denim even as it is soft and smooth as fine silk. Bamboo organic clothing can provide other benefits such as removing moisture and bacteria from the skin.

Talking about eco-friendly designers, Shubrah Designs at is solely focused on eco-friendly fashions. Designer Shubhra Chandra seeks to blend east and west seamlessly into a trendy line of casual tees and evening looks. She believes in natural fabrics and responsible and sustainable business practices.

Natalie Portman has teamed up with Tony Shoe Line to create designer shoes made of alternative materials. As she says, “This collection offers a great selection without compromising quality or style”. Stella McCartney has created a collection called “Green Collection” using only organic materials. She also tries to use eco-friendly material and processes throughout her various collections.

All-in-all, eco-friendly fashion trends are becoming more mainstream with each passing day. Countless haute couture designers are already successfully incorporating eco-friendly designs into their catwalk shows and my bet is that this trend is here to stay.

To know more about various eco-friendly designers, please search for eco friendly fashion online! You can find more details on Shubrah Designs at and you can read her blog at

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